Doctor Dude presents...

Bryce Dodson, California

illustration, Storyboards,
Digital ink and Color, Design, Print and website

Doctor Dude Presents: What is God? is the first in an upcoming Doctor Dude series by California children's book author, Bryce Dodson. The story unfolds through adventures and far-reaching travel, featuring a vibrant comic book-inspired look. The Doctor Dude series delves into serious questions for curious young minds.

Another expansive project for our studio, Dr. Dude has been months in the making. We started with the characters, then developed the storyboards for the far-reaching adventure. Final art was illustrated by hand before being digitally completed with color. 

Doctor Dude aims to help parents and children alike to become understanding listeners and learners. Describing faith to children as an agnostic or atheist parent can be tough. Dawnie and the Doctor want to help. We may all have different perspectives, but we can all be curious, and kind.

Doctor Dude Presents: What is God? available NOW from MASCOT BOOKS!



More to come after publication, check back soon!